Travis (TJ) Lindberg



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I am running for Congress as an independent candidate who believes that the National Debt, Rising Economic Disparity, and Water Scarcity are primary threats to our National Security.

Independent Candidate for US Congress
Arizona’s 5th Congressional District

Arizona Native

Servant Leader

Combat Veteran

Engineering and Technology Professional

“We are not building this country of ours for a day.  It is to last through the ages.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I still believe we live in the greatest country that has ever existed in the world because our SYSTEM of government was founded on time-tested principles which are intended to balance the competing demands espoused in the phrase “with liberty and justice for all”. As long as these competing demands are effectively balanced through our political process, public policies, and most importantly, through our personal behavior, we can sustain the benefits and the blessings which emerge from this “more perfect union” for our posterity.

More About TJ

  • High Energy
  • West Point Graduate
  • Bronze Star Medal Recipient
  • Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel
  • Airborne Ranger

Mission & Values

Common sense approach in addressing threats to our National Security.

The only way to manage these problems sustainably is by loving our neighbors, thinking critically, ensuring our children are raised in stable family environments, and adhering to Constitutional principles. BACKGROUND: I was born and raised in Phoenix and the East Valley and am a proud Tempe High graduate. I attended the United States Military Academy and served 20 years in the Army – including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also served as the Director of the Latin American program during my last assignment with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our family returned to Mesa in 2015 to be near our extended family and our kids have attended Mountain View High School and its feeder schools. My professional background is in civil and systems engineering but have worked as an Information Technology (IT) professional since retiring from the military. I am heavily involved with volunteering in our church, scouts, alumni foundation, and other organizations – including FixUs, which seeks to help bridge partisan divides.

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