Our relationship with China is not a new cold war.

China represents “a type of strategic challenge that the U.S. has never faced before, a peer competitor that competes across all the dimensions of power”.

Unfortunately, China is a peer competitor with the United States who does not believe in individual liberty or several of the other principles enshrined in our Constitution.  Consequently, China’s bad behavior – especially when it comes to their systematic industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property; repression of their minority Uighur population; backtracking on Hong Kong’s governance model; and “irresponsible behavior in cyberspace” – must cease.

 The United States must learn how to COMPETE and COEXIST with China across the Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic (DIME) dimensions of power – and this starts by getting our Nation’s own socio-economic house in order.

 On a macro-level, this means implementing policies which promote a strong economy – including reducing our dangerous levels of Federal debt.

 On a micro-level, this campaign believes the best way to COEXIST and COMPETE with China starts with how we conduct our affairs as individuals here in the United States. Specifically:


  1. a) “Loving our neighbors” doesn’t mean “pie in the sky” acceptance or agreement with everything everyone does or says, but it DOES mean we have a moral obligation to treat each other with dignity and respect; and seek to understand WHY people may believe differently than we do.
  2. b) If we can’t find a way to have more constructive dialogue with our NEIGHBORS, our elected officials won’t find a way to cross the aisle to negotiate on critical policy issues which scream for action NOW – and the more China wins.


  1. a) We must think CRITICALLY about what we are seeing & being told in the corporate and social media. We must VERIFY claims from multiple sources before forwarding the “clickbait” or sensationalized story our favorite media source is peddling.
  2. b) The more emotional energy we spend worrying about stories involving “gender neutral Mr. Potato Heads” (which apparently is a thing…), critical race theory, and just about any other topic circulating in social and corporate media circles – the more China wins. *SIDE NOTE: Our Chinese and Russian adversaries LOVE the fact that we are so easily divided by THEIR misinformation campaigns.


  1. a) We must raise children in stable family environments. Schools and social services ARE important – but NO amount of government spending will EVER make up the difference in a child’s life if they are not given a fighting chance by being raised in a family that is able to support their physical and emotional needs.
  2. b) The more American children who are raised in brokenness and who lack the technical and interpersonal skills to compete in the global economy – the more China wins.

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