H.R. 6 – American Dream and Promise Act (IMMIGRATION)

I do NOT support H.R. 6 as it is currently written.

  • This bill will add to the budget deficit – and the Federal Debt
  • Three over-arching points:
    • I believe we are all created in God’s image and we are called to love our “neighbors” – which means treating EVERYONE with dignity and respect, ESPECIALLY those people who have been traditionally marginalized in society.
    • Our country – just like all organizations – is made more vibrant and better able to compete in a global economy by adding “new blood”.
    • Our economy certainly NEEDS immigrants – but this must be balanced with the MORAL OBLIGATION to extract the fullest potential from every native-born American, first (i.e. We can’t simply outsource the human resource needs of our economy while underinvesting in developing homegrown talent because it is too expensive or inconvenient – that is unsustainable.)
  • Provisions of the bill that I DO support:
    • Pathway to citizenship for people brought to the United States when they were minors (aka “dreamers”).
  • For an in-depth analysis of the portions of this bill that I find problematic – aside from the inability to find a way to pay for it without adding to the debt – I recommend the following:

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