Primary National Security Concerns

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Declining Middle Class

  • See Moral Imperative: Raising Children in Stable Family Environments – Click/Tap To View Position

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  • No new Federal projects should be undertaken to improve Arizona’s water supply until WE get OUR own water management “house in order”, particularly when it comes to groundwater.


Moral Imperatives

Loving our Neighbors

Thinking Critically and Speaking the Truth in Love – Position Statement Coming Soon

Raising Children in Stable Family Environments

Policy Position by Constitutional Provision

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  • 1st through 13th Amendments: Position Statement Coming Soon

  • 14th Amendment: Due Process Clause – see Abortion and Right to Life Click/Tap To View Position

Other Policy Positions

Abortion/ Right to Life/ Roe versus Wade – also see 14th Amendment

    • I believe that we are all created in God’s image and that we each have a personal, moral obligation to make life-affirming decisions.  These life-affirming decisions must extend “from the womb, to the tomb”.

    • Constitutionally, the fundamental challenge is to balance the mother’s right to control her own body (which is protected by the 14th Amendment) with the right of the unborn child to live.  This is essentially the compromise which Roe-v-Wade attempted to strike in 1973. So I do not support overturning Roe-vs-Wade.

    • Instead, I believe life-affirming policy decisions should focus on reducing the factors which increase DEMAND for abortions.

    • Politicians who promote themselves as being pro-life and who advocate for greater restrictions on abortion while simultaneously pushing for tax cuts and a reduction in spending on social welfare programs are doing NOTHING to reduce the DEMAND for abortions, which is our FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM.

    • Reducing DEMAND for abortions starts with leaders who have the moral courage to have these tough conversations with people across the political spectrum – because neither side is going to get exactly what they want.  However, reducing DEMAND for abortion – which simultaneously tackles many of our social issues and indirectly helps our debt problem – also begins with funding and implementing a “socially relevant” (aka a secular and fact-based) information and education campaign which emphasizes that children and families have the BEST CHANCE OF SUCCESS in this world when the following three conditions are met before having children (and ideally, before having sex):

      • Parents have graduated from high school.

      • Parents have either gotten jobs and/ or are attending college to obtain a marketable degree with minimal debt.

      • Parents are married.

    • Additionally, although not necessarily a life-affirming decision in the eyes of many religious institutions, I believe another way to help reduce demand for abortions – and the adverse social consequences associated with having unwanted pregnancies – involves making contraception and birth control widely available to at-risk population groups.

    • TO BE CLEAR, though, the DESIRED ENDSTATE is that children are being raised in stable family environments while encouraging policymakers to make life-affirming policy decisions throughout the human lifecycle (“from womb to the tomb”).  Once these conditions are achieved, our socio-economic systems will start to come back into balance and there should be fewer reasons for women to seek abortions AND there should be less of a need for government funding or policy intervention to address the social issues caused (at least in part) when children are born into sub-optimal family environments.

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LGBTQ/ Gender Identity – also see HR5: Equality Act

    • I believe that demonstrating love to our neighbors includes balancing the competing demands of:

      • Acknowledging that those who are LGBTQ are also created in God’s image and must be treated with dignity and respect.  At a minimum, this means US citizens who are LGBTQ must be entitled to certain protections under the US Constitution (e.g., the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment enables consenting adults to enter into marriage – regardless of their sexual orientation).

      • Ensuring that we continue to respect the first amendment rights of those who have more traditional views of sex and marriage.

    • I DO support the Fairness For All Act, which is intended to balance the protections for the LGBTQ community with the rights of those groups and individuals who have a traditional view of sex and marriage.

    • I do not believe transgender women (biological men) should be allowed to compete against biological women in athletic competitions since this is a violation of Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972.

Race/Racial Issues Click/Tap To View Additional Background

    • Acknowledging Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday represents a watershed moment in our Nation’s history.

    • Since our great Nation’s historical track record on race is complicated, I hope that people can appreciate the need to celebrate American Independence Day (the 4th of July) as an important testament to the FIRST PRINCIPLES our Nation was founded upon AND Juneteenth, which should help us humbly reflect on the times when we’ve fallen short of those aspirational first principles.

    • Indeed, one of the greatest STRENGTHS of our Nation is that we have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and MORAL OBLIGATION to wrestle publicly – and vociferously – with these seemingly contradictory ideas. In the end, though, I firmly believe that this debate helps us create “a more perfect union” with “liberty and justice for all”.


Student Loan Debt Click/Tap To View Position

    • I believe that student loan debt – and high-levels of indebtedness, in general – is a problem for society. This high level of student loan debt means that many young people will be unable to purchase a home or marry and start a family on sound financial footing.

Voting Rights – also see HR1: For The People Act

      • I believe that voters should be required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID which is linked back to a social security number.

        • If my mother – who has early onset dementia, a variety of other health issues, and has lived in a group home setting for most of my adult life – can obtain this type of ID, there is no reason why others cannot, also.

        • Cost is not an issue – at least not in Arizona.  The cost of the ID is free for those meeting certain income criteria.  If the cost of government issued identification cards ARE a concern in other states – THAT should be an issue for Congress.

      • I believe that same day registration for Federal elections should be offered.

      • I believe that in-person, early voting periods – including weekends – should be maximized (as long as the impact on the Federal Budget is cost neutral).

      • Because I believe performing civic acts in public is a great way to encourage COMMUNITY CONNECTEDNESS while simultaneously maximizing transparency – which promotes TRUST; I would prefer that ballots are cast in person, with voting my mail done on a by-exception basis.  However, enabling people to vote by mail is currently less of a concern of mine than ensuring that the other conditions are being met.

Policy Position by Recent House Legislation

HR1: For the People Act Click/Tap To View Position

HR5: Equality Act Click/Tap To View Position – also see LGBTQ/ Gender Identity Click/Tap To View Position

HR6: American Dream and Promise Act (IMMIGRATION) Click/Tap To View Position

HR1085: Congressional Gold Medals – Capitol Police Click/Tap To View Position

H.R. 3684 – INVEST in America Act Click/Tap To View Position

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